Content – fundamental and indispensable part of a website
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Just answer these two crucial questions first - ‘How do you know what a website is about?’ and ‘How do you find a website on search engines?’

Both have the same answer – Content. You read what is on the website to see what it is about. Also, you try searching some information and the search engines simply scan thousands of websites to find relevant content for you. So, in both cases ‘content makes you visible’ on the internet.

If you strip a website to its barebones, you find that good content is the vital key to a website’s rise and success. Though these two pivotal questions highlight importance of content for a website, let us have a bit more analysis and insight into the role played by content in making or destroying a website, product or even brands!

With such tremendous competition in every domain, people look for things that are attractive, simple and meaningful. Take example of a help page on your website. Easy to navigate, informative and understandable text, images, etc. boosts confidence of the customer in the brand and the service provided by them. And all know the worth of a happy satisfied customer!

Content doesn’t only mean text. It has a larger connotation and includes text, images, audios, videos and the newest of all - infographics. A harmonious blend of all these or some of these elements can work wonders and give you an edge over your competitors. Since everyone now is trying to have firm, stable and engaging online presence, content becomes the only tool to communicate and captivate viewers. Mediocre, insufficient and unattractive content would simply push the viewer to the next site, just like we move to the next shop for a better service in offline shopping!

Content is your salesman on your website. There is no physical person present who can convince a customer to try or buy your product/service. All rests on the shoulder of your website’s content. And having great content rests on your shoulder!